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Disabled Facilities

The Chalet des Merveilles is capable of hosting individuals with disabilities (mental disabilities, hearing impairment, visual disabilities), as it is equipped with all the necessities for a pleasant and comfortable stay.

The Chalet management put particular care into the room dedicated to guests with special needs, in order to ensure safety, usability, and comfort.

A clear and simple brochure is available at the reception desk of the Hotel Chamois d’Or, and in all our rooms.

An enjoyable stay for all

Find accommodation with adequate access and facilities before you book your hotel

  • Access signage, reception, and safety

    Access signage, reception, and safety

    Appropriate signage has been put in place for individuals with mental disabilities and hearining impairment.

    Individuals with physical disabilities, upon arrival at the Hotel Chamois d’Or, just a few meters from the Chalet, can communicate their arrival to the reception desk by telephone. Appropriately trained and prepared personnel will be available to meet you and accompany you by elevator, assisting you with check-in and helping you to your room.


    An audio and visual alarm has been put in place, as well as a directory of numbers on speed-dial for urgent calls.

    Detailed and easily readable user manuals are available for all devices.

  • Reserved Parking

    Reserved Parking

    Ample parking space is reserved for Chalet guests with disabilities, providing quick and easy room access.

  • Easy Access

    Easy Access

    Easily accessible facilities

    The room is immediately accessible from the reserved parking area

    Double doorway with colored tape on the glass door

  • Room Furnitures

    Room Furnitures

    Rooms designed for a comfortable stay

    • Bed with adequate space for circulation
    • Wardrobe with shelves and coat hangers
    • Easily adjustable window curtains
    • TV remote with detailed instructions
  • Bathroom


    The bathroom was designed for easy use by individuals with impairments

    • Sliding door
    • Telephone shower with two leaning bars in the corner of the shower
    • Sink with ample space for frontal approach
    • Two handles on the sides of the toilet, dual colored toilet seat
    • Easily adjustable shower seat for better comfort
  • Kitchen


    Ample and easily accessible

    Stove with ‘off’ tactile sign and color references to identify heat intensity.

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